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Book The basics of Cupping Coffee (Print Version) - English

Book The basics of Cupping Coffee (Print Version) - English

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The coffee taster's manual and the basics of cupping are being revised. This is an outdated version, being removed to make room for the new version. If you would like to be notified when the new edition is available, please email and we will add you to the notification list.

An essential companion to The Coffee Cuppers Manual, The Basics of Coffee Cupping offers readers a concise assessment of the art of coffee cupping.

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After reading The Coffee Cuppers' Handbook, your head may be spinning with your newly acquired knowledge of coffee tasting. do not fear. The Basics of Cupping Coffee serves as a condensed guide to everything you need to know and remember about distinguishing the flavor, aroma, and body that make up the unique flavor of every cup of coffee you encounter.

Excerpt from the basics of coffee tasting:

Coffee tasting is a method for systematically evaluating the aroma and flavor characteristics of a sample of coffee beans. A prescribed form of preparation and a specific series of steps lead to a complete sensory evaluation of smell, taste and sensations in the mouth of the taster. Because cupping is usually associated with some economic purpose, such as buying or blending coffee, practitioners of the trade take procedures and techniques very seriously.

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