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Classic Selection | Specialty coffee beans

Classic Selection | Specialty coffee beans

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According to the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), specialty coffee is one that obtains a cup score of 80 or more points (out of 100) evaluated by a certified Q-Grader.

This qualification is given in the process called tasting and qualifies attributes such as fragrance, aroma, intensity and quality of acidity, flavor, body and balance, among others.

Our Classic Selection includes:

250 gr. from Ethiopia Guji: It has a floral and fruity profile with a sweet taste, malic acidity and a round body. It has notes of green apple, grape, plum and peach. It is a uniform and balanced coffee.

250 gr. from Rwanda Nyamasheke: it is a coffee from a natural process, with a vinous profile where notes of blackberries and cherry liqueur stand out, giving way to a remarkable perception of its malic acidity.

250 gr. from Burundi Kayanza: a washed coffee with marked citric acidity, silky and robust body where subtle notes of pomegranate cherry stand out.

250 gr. from Costa Rica Tarrazú: This specialty Costa Rican coffee from the Terrazú region is a sweet coffee with a caramel aroma. Silky body and balanced acidity with notes of vanilla, chocolate and honey.

Selection of 1,000 gr of natural roasted coffee beans.

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