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Great Collection | 1.5 kg of Ground Coffee

Great Collection | 1.5 kg of Ground Coffee

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A collection designed for you to discover the best variety of natural ground coffee from the origins most desired by lovers of good coffee.

Our Great Collection includes:

250g of Light Roast: Balanced coffee with body and medium floral acidity with notes of chocolate and red fruits.

250g of Medium Roast: Well-balanced coffee, the result of the exclusive blend of its origins and its degree of roasting, where notes of milk chocolate and nuts stand out.

250g of Dark Roast: Intense coffee with abundant body and low acidity accompanied by notes of dark chocolate and spices.

250gr of Decaffeinato: Decaffeinated coffee with intense aroma and balanced flavor with notes of chocolate and nuts.

250gr of French Roast: Very dark roasted coffee with abundant body and pronounced flavor with a touch of bitterness.

250gr of Italian Roast: A blend of enveloping flavor of dark chocolate and caramel. Its special roasting gives it an unparalleled body accompanied by low acidity.

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