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Coffee Biology Field Glossary Handbook (First Edition)

Coffee Biology Field Glossary Handbook (First Edition)

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The Coffee Biology Glossary Handbook is an essential tool for better understanding the language of biology as it relates to the science behind good coffee. Initially developed to accompany a series on coffee genetics for the 2013 SCAA Symposium, curated by Chief Scientific Officer Emma Sage, it has now become a solid foundation in coffee biology, a reference to facilitate engagement with the science it underpins. all coffee trade.

An essential industry

In this 27-page manual, author Emma Sage provides a detailed reference guide for all coffee professionals looking to deepen their understanding of the science behind coffee through the terminology used to describe it.

Excerpt from the coffee biology glossary manual:
Few coffee professionals are as equipped as we are to engage with the biology of coffee farms. Most of us are culinary professionals, not scientists. As we practice our craft, we inevitably gain an interest in the biological sciences. We can begin to formulate opinions about the ecology of coffee farms or repeat the agronomic advice we have heard. We can try to understand the composition of the soil or the effects of climate on flavor. When we declare a preference for a particular coffee variety, we are touching the field of taxonomy, and if we want to understand how coffee breeding works to develop the varieties we love, we must understand genetics. Very soon, we will be connecting with experts and ideas from the fields of botany and agronomy, ecology and plant breeding. The common language of these disciplines is biology.

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