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Classic Chemex 6

Classic Chemex 6

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The Classic Chemex 6 It is the six-cup version of this more than well-known and renowned filter coffee maker.

It has a maximum capacity of about 880 ml.

This coffee maker is one of the most coveted in the barista universe.

The great particularity of the Chemex is that with them the entire extraction process can be controlled exhaustively, so we can obtain a custom coffee in approximately five minutes.

Like all the products of this brand, we emphasize that both the jug itself and the wooden collar and the leather strap are of the best possible quality (the latter is placed manually in the US).

Within the design we highlight its shapes in the shape of an hourglass which has been designed following the patterns of the bottles of chemical products in laboratories. This is why this coffee maker is so well known since you can make coffee almost as if you were a chemist. This is why you can obtain a unique coffee with a wide variety of nuances depending on the preference of each one.

It is also worth emphasizing the Chemex filters since they allow us to get the most out of the capacity of the classic Chemex 6.

We also highlight the quality of the exclusive chemex filters (also available on our website) since it is the highest quality paper that allows filtering all the raw material, obtaining all the necessary nuances to obtain a unique coffee.

This design line used for this product has been created for more than 60 years, obtaining numerous awards due to this.

For everything narrated the classic Chemex 6 it is a reference product and highly recommended if you make a considerable amount of coffee regularly.

If you want to know how to prepare a good coffee with this filter coffee maker, here are the basic steps that you must follow:

1st - Place the filter on the inside of the upper cone of the coffee maker, leaving the 3 layers towards the pouring point.

2nd - Rinse the filter with hot (not boiling) water to get rid of bad flavors while also preheating the coffee maker.

3rd - Eliminate all excess water.

4º- Place the coffee with a medium grind in the filter (30 grams in each ½ liter although this data is indicative). We must bear in mind that Chemex is designed to remove bitterness from coffee.

- Pour water at 93 ºC (a small amount) over the coffee so that it becomes moist and all the desired components of the coffee are released.

- After making the pre-infusion, you have to pour more water on top until the base is soaked.

- Once the amount we want is obtained, we should raise the filter of the classic Chemex 6 with handle to be able to remove all the excess.

It must be taken into account that it is vital to have water of the highest possible quality, so this must be reckoned with.

Product characteristics
- Non-porous borosilicate glass jar and wood
- Wooden collar
- Leather strap
- Filters not included

Technical specifications:
Dimensions WxDxH: 135x214x135mm
Capacity: 880 ml - 6 Cups

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