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Black Bodum electric vacuum coffee maker - 4 cups - Siphon

Black Bodum electric vacuum coffee maker - 4 cups - Siphon

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ePEBO is the best way to get a cup of steaming hot coffee. The vacuum brewing method allows you to extract all the precious oils from the coffee with the ideal balance between temperature and brew time. The vacuum created during brewing seals in the flavors so you can get the most out of good coffee beans. And it looks great when ePEBO is preparing it. Drama and a bit of science every time.
ePEBO is the electric successor to PEBO® the modern version of SANTOS and has been part of the BODUM® line for a long time.
The preparation itself in the ePEBO is carried out with great respect for the optimal duration of the preparation of the coffee under vacuum. Like a good one prepared with the French press it takes 4 minutes. To this must be added the time it takes for ePEBO to heat the water to the optimum cooking temperature of 94ºC and for the vacuum to be generated.
The funnel and filter are dishwasher safe.

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