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Filter - Round Chemex 6-10 cup. 100 u.

Filter - Round Chemex 6-10 cup. 100 u.

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He Round Chemex filter is the filter designed for use in the vast majority of Chemex coffee makers. Its spectacular design makes removal easier of the same once the process is finished.

This filter is made of high-quality, heavy-weight disposable paper.

Compared to all other conventional filters they are around 20% 30% thicker.

This means that the most bitter elements of the coffee do not enter your cup.

It can be used by the vast majority of conical filter coffee makers.

Half-moon Chemex filters are a more than interesting option if you have a Chemex or another type of conical coffee maker.

Below we briefly explain how to use them:

1º- Put the filter in the internal area of ​​the upper cone.

2º- Pour very hot water into the filter and thus remove the bad flavors that may remain.

3º- All excess excess water must be removed.

4º- Remove the filter once the whole process is finished.

Product characteristics:

- 100 filters

- Filter paper

- It can be used in all CHEMEX except in the CM- 1 CM- 1C CM- 1GH

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