Receta: Moka Frappé Fit - Bebida Saludable con Café

Recipe: Moka Frappé Fit - Healthy Drink with Coffee

Get ready to savor a delicious Moka Frappé Fit that will keep you fit and full of energy! In this recipe, we've created a healthy version of this classic drink so you can enjoy it without worrying about the extra calories. Join us and learn how to prepare it!


- 1 cup of almond milk
- 3 nuts
- 80 ml of your favorite Viaggio Espresso coffee prepared with the preparation method of your choice.
- 2 teaspoons of cocoa powder
- Cinnamon, vanilla extract, stevia (sweetener) to taste
- Ice cubes
- Toppings: cocoa nibs and nuts


1. We start by crushing twelve or fourteen ice cubes (or seven if they are large) in a blender. Reserve the crushed cubes in a bowl in the freezer while you prepare the rest of the recipe.

2. In a blender jar, add almond milk, walnuts, coffee, cocoa powder, and a splash of vanilla extract. You can also add cinnamon and stevia to taste to sweeten the drink without adding additional sugars.

3. Beat all the ingredients for about a minute, until they are completely mixed and you get a smooth and homogeneous texture.

4. Add the chopped ice cubes to the blender glass and mix again until they are integrated with the rest of the preparation.

5. Serve the Moka Frappé Fit in a tall glass and decorate with cocoa nibs and nuts on top. These ingredients will give it a touch of irresistible texture and flavor.

And that's it! Your Moka Frappé Fit is ready to be enjoyed. This refreshing and healthy drink is perfect to enjoy at any time of the day , either as an energizing breakfast or as a light dessert after a meal.

We hope you like this healthy version of the Moka Frappé. Feel free to share this recipe with your friends and family so they too can enjoy this delicious drink with no regrets!
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