La esencia del Pour Over

The essence of Pour Over

It all started in Germany

In the 1900s, a German woman named Amalie Auguste Melitta Bentz was dissatisfied with the taste of coffee from her pot and the grounds left in her cup. Situation that led her to create prototypes of alternative methods of making filtered coffee, after several attempts she devised a technique that used blotting paper and a can that she pierced with a nail. The resulting beverage was less bitter than percolator coffee and satisfactorily free of grounds. In June 1908, Amalie filed a patent for the paper filter, and the Melitta company was established .

Cloth coffee filters had been used in Latin America for many years, but the invention and commercialization of the paper filter was a major innovation in the way coffee was made for the time. Melitta is now a global company and its filters and drippers can be found in kitchens and cafeterias around the world.

What is Pour Over?

Brewing coffee is very simple and has long been considered the standard method of brewing coffee at home . But this was before the specialty coffee industry embraced it. In this method of brewing coffee, hot water is poured over ground coffee in a filter. The water trickles through the filter, extracting the coffee as it goes, into a cup or carafe waiting below. Colada coffee can refer to filter coffee or drip coffee, but those are broader terms that encompass other methods. Pour-over coffee is simple in concept and execution , but has room for error like any manual brewing method. Producing the perfect brew takes practice.

The best brands for pour over

Pour Over Photo: Hario V60/Chemex / Set Pour Over with Chemex / Bodum Pour Over

Hario V60

The Hario V60, a staple in the range of filtrate processing equipment. While it is the ideal choice for many experienced coffee growers , it is also suitable for a beginner due to its ease of use . The V60 allows anyone to experiment with their brewing style, from pour technique, water temperature, and coffee types.


 The Origami Dripper not only makes an amazing cup of coffee, but is also made of high-quality ceramic and comes with a smooth wooden ring to place the dripper on top. It is aesthetic, uncomplicated and easy to use.


The Chemex allows us to prepare a very clean cup of coffee without sediment, thanks to the fact that it has a natural fiber-based paper filter, which on average is 30% denser than traditional filters, it retains more and better the oils that remain suspended during preparation and prevent solids from reaching the final extraction. Its funnel shape also prevents the extraction from losing temperature and in turn allows us to "oxygenate " the drink, which results in very intense aromas.

The Bodum Pour Over

The Bodum Pour Over has been designed so that everyone can access the world of pour over coffee at a very attractive price. It's a simple machine designed for simple work, but it does it very well. The glass carafe, the permanent mesh filter, the measuring spoon and the silicone gasket so that the coffee stays hot in the carafe, these elements combined.

Pre-ground coffee can be used right away, but for best results start with fresh whole beans. The moment a coffee bean is opened, some of its flavor and aroma potential begins to evaporate. Grinding fresh coffee is synonymous with obtaining the best result, for this it is important to have a good grinder and thus obtain the desired grind.

The Pour Over is a world within the coffee universe that is undoubtedly worth delving into.

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