LELIT: Transformando tu pasión por el café en rendimiento

LELIT: Transforming your passion for coffee into performance

The excellence of Italian espresso at your fingertips

Lelit is one of the best positioned brands in the world of espresso both for its history and for the operation and design of its machines, making it a favorite among lovers of good coffee .

At Viaggio Espresso we have a wide selection of machines that will make your experience one of the most satisfying because the best coffee is always accompanied by the best brands.

We will take a tour of the machines that will increase your desire to have an espresso

Lelit Anna TEM espresso machine. PL41TEM

Photo: Lelit Anna TEM espresso machine. PL41TEM

Lelit Anna Tem. it is perfect for those who want to enter the world of professional coffee machines .

Easy to use and ready in no time, it makes for exceptional coffees, even cappuccinos with rich, dense cream.

Lelit Kate espresso machine. PL82T

Kate represents the perfect union between aesthetics and functionality. An extremely compact single body that combines an espresso machine of the highest level with a professional grinder .

Equipped with the exclusive LCC electronic control system , Lelit Kate will surprise you with its performance and sophisticated charm.


Lelit Kate espresso machine. PL82X

Lelit Mara PL62X

Photo: Lelit Mara PL62X espresso machine

The MaraX coffee maker is an E61 type machine with automatic temperature control that allows users to prepare the perfect espresso.

It has an innovative double probe system that maintains the brewing temperature constant in order to achieve the best espresso.

Lelit Bianca V3 espresso machine. PL162T

Lelit Bianca V3

Photo: Lelit Bianca V3 espresso machine. PL162T

La Bianca from the Lelit brand is an espresso coffee maker with E61 group, double boiler and manual control of water flow and pressure. It has been created for those expert baristas who know how to get the best out of each coffee.

Part of our mission at Viaggio Espresso is to guide coffee lovers through this world, revealing the brands that will help them achieve the greatest potential of their coffee .

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