Lelit: Las cafeteras de espresso de uso doméstico más vendidas - Opiniones y comentarios

Lelit: The best-selling espresso machines for home use - Opinions and comments

best selling espresso machines

Lelit is synonymous with quality and excellence as far as domestic coffee machines are concerned, they offer impeccable performance and a clean extraction as well as being easy to use, which is why at Viaggio Espresso we have made a top 3 of the best-selling coffee machines of the Italian brand .

Top 3 Lelit Photos from left to right: Lelit Mara PL62X / Lelit Elizabeth / Lelit Bianca V3

1.- Lelit Bianca V3 : The most popular double-boiler coffee maker

One of the best options on the market in terms of double boiler machines, with flow control and wooden details, this is a safe bet when choosing a dual boiler .

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2.- Lelit Mara PL62X : The most popular one-boiler coffee maker

This model is the latest in the Lelit Mara series and is part of the brand's mid-range. It is an excellent option when making the transition from a simple machine to a higher level one.

This compact-sized, single-boiler machine is the perfect choice for those looking for quality and convenience.

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3.- Lelit Elizabeth PL92T : The most popular coffee maker with a grinder included.

It has a double boiler, grinder and great performance. This Lelit coffee maker with programmable infusion and futuristic design makes it a great choice for those looking for practicality and obtaining a good espresso at the same time.

This Italian brand has managed to position itself over the years thanks to its good performance and quality. Buying a Lelit is synonymous with obtaining a good coffee with each extraction, regardless of the model. What are you waiting for to see our entire selection of Lelit ?

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There is a Lelit espresso machine for everyone and this top 3 is proof of it and the relationship between price, quality and design that the brand has is an indisputable reason to get one of them.

Enter our collection of Lelit espresso machines and get the one you want so much.

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