We know that choosing the right espresso machine is not an easy task and if you are just starting out in this world, we know that the large number of options can be a bit intimidating, which is why at Viaggio Espresso we have made a ranking with the machines with the best value for quality . -price of 2022 .

We present our Top ranking :

1.- Lelit Bianca V3

Lelit is one of the top brands when it comes to domestic espresso machines and its Bianca V3 model perfectly reflects its values. The extraction is precise, consistent and controlled thanks to its flow controller, also its excellent manufacturing makes the results obtained with this machine consistent. Without a doubt an excellent purchase.

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2.- Lelit Mara PL62XT

Designed so that anyone can extract an espresso like in the best coffee shops that use an E61 group. It offers a combination of perfect simplicity and perfectionism.

Silent thanks to its new pump with a patent-pending system that also has a water flow designed to extract the best from different types of coffees and roasts.

The double manometer of the MaraX allows you to control the pressure of the steam boiler and the pressure during the extraction of coffee. In this way you will be able to observe the extraction curve from the pre-infusion until the coffee falls into the cup.

Top espresso machines 2022 Photos from left to right: La Pavoni Cellini Evoluzione Cov / Lelit Anita /Lelit Mara PL62XT / Chiara Leva PID/ Lelit Bianca V3/ Profitec Pro 300

3.-Chiara Cam PID

Bellezza Chiara Leva is compact and durable in design, as well as beautiful to look at. It is the smallest double circuit machine in the entire Bellezza range and has great power.

It's a great choice for any hobby barista as it features a . When it comes to Top Home espresso machines, Bellezza Chiara has other top notch features.

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4.-La Pavoni Cellini Evoluzione Cov

La Pavoni is a brand with a long tradition in the world of espresso and the Cellini Evoluzione COV LP coffee machine has been specially designed to satisfy the most demanding baristas and all those who want a creamy coffee like the one served in the best cafeterias, without actually leaving home.

A powerful machine, well designed and suitable for any palate who enjoys obtaining an excellent cup of espresso with each extraction.

5.- Lelit Anita

Only freshly ground coffee can enhance the aroma, crema and flavor of the real espresso served at the bar.

Anita is the ideal espresso machine model for lovers of simplicity and compactness without compromising the results of the extraction of coffee beans, as well as being ideal for those looking to enter the world of espresso.

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6.-Pro 300

The Pro300 is a double boiler, semi-automatic espresso machine. Depending on your needs, the Pro300 can be used as a single-circuit machine or a double-boiler machine. The advantage is the short heating time of 5 minutes to make espresso . The stainless steel, steam and hot water boiler can be turned on or off at any time. The desired brew temperature can be regulated via the PID screen . The display also shows the espresso preparation time in seconds.

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 2022 was a year of great progress for the world of espresso, where the aforementioned brands gave their best performance to please the most demanding palates in the world of coffee. What are you waiting for to get one of these?

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