We know that choosing the right espresso machine is not an easy task, which is why at Viaggio Espresso we have ranked the machines with the best value for money on the market.

Here is our ranking by category:

Dual boiler espresso machines

double boiler machines Photos from left to right: Lelit Bianca V3/ ECM Synchronika PID/ Sage Oracle Touch. Below: Profitec Pro 700/ La Pavoni Botticelli Premium/ Lelit Elizabeth

1.- Lelit Bianca V3. PL162T

The most top of Lelit! La Bianca from the Lelit brand is an espresso coffee maker with E61 group, double boiler and manual control of water flow and pressure. It has been created for those who seek excellence in each coffee extraction from the comfort of their home. With a vintage aesthetic and romantic airs, this machine is a dream for lovers of wooden wall lights.

2.- ECM Synchronika PID

This ECM double boiler machine is distinguished by its modern and industrial design. The anthracite-coloured coated chassis is visually distinct on the underside of the machine in combination with the polished stainless steel casing.

Ideal for a quick coffee extraction and with a heating phase of 10 min. If your thing is a more industrial design and polished steel, this is the espresso machine for you.

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3.-Automatic Sage - the Oracle™ Touch

Thanks to its 3 phases, the manual preparation of espresso is easier than ever, while still enjoying this artisan process.

SAGE espresso machines use just the right dose of freshly ground coffee, offer precise temperature control, optimal water pressure and authentic microfoamed milk essential for latte art. You are just one step away from enjoying the 4 key elements used by professional coffee makers. All a dream.

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4.- Profitec Pro 700

The PRO 700 is a two-boiler espresso machine with a PID display. The temperature of both boilers can be adjusted individually.

The display shows the preparation time with an accuracy of up to one second. The steam boiler has a dedicated on/off switch. The PRO 700 can be used with a water tank or fixed water connection.

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5.-The Pavoni Botticelli Premium

The Botticelli Premium espresso machine is part of a range of La Pavoni coffee machines with double boiler and PID temperature control.

It is designed to satisfy the most demanding baristas and all those who want a creamy coffee.

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6.- Lelit Elizabeth

The Lelit Elizabeth coffee maker is a machine that allows continuous supply of steam and extraction of large amounts of water without affecting the performance of the coffee. Its double boiler, futuristic design and easy handling make it a great choice for everyday use.

It allows you to program and control two different extraction profiles and the temperature of the coffee , hot water and steam. 

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Single boiler espresso machines

Single boiler coffee makers

Photos from left to right: Lelit Mara X/ Profitec PRO 500/ ECM Puristika. Below: Sage Barista Impress Express/ ECM Classika PID/ Lelit Kate

1.- Lelit Mara PL62X

The MaraX coffee maker is an E61 type machine with automatic temperature control that allows users to prepare the perfect espresso.

It has an innovative double probe system that keeps the brewing temperature constant in order to achieve the best espresso .

It offers a combination of perfect simplicity and perfectionism.

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2.- ECM Classika PID

The ECM Classika PID Special Edition packs premium features and build quality to create coffee performance in one of the most compact footprints on the market. It is the perfect espresso machine for espresso purists.     

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3.- ECM Puristika

This brand knows what is important to purists, which is why they created the ECM Puristika , a single-boiler machine designed for those looking for an excellent espresso with every extraction. 

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4.-Sage - the Barista Express™ Impress

The perfect hybrid between a classic espresso machine and a super automatic, it has 25 grind settings with the integrated high-precision conical grinder.

This wide range of adjustments allows you to precisely set the coarseness of the grind to achieve the desired extraction and flavor result, depending on the coffee beans chosen.

Precise heating system with helical resistance
The PID-controlled helical resistance heating system delivers great-tasting coffee through precise digital control of temperature, flow rate, and contact time.

Artisan microfoamed milk
The powerful integrated manual frother allows for micro-frothed milk with an artisan texture to enhance the flavor, essential for the creation of latte art.

5.- Profitec Pro 500

The Profitec Pro 500 PID espresso machine in the classic design of the polished stainless steel housing with a high-end, massive E61 brewing group and a digital PID control !

The outer panels are made of stainless steel with a shiny mirror look, the inner frame is made of metal, making it a modern and durable design .   

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6.- Lelit Kate

Kate represents the perfect union between aesthetics and functionality. An extremely compact single body that combines an espresso machine of the highest level with a professional grinder.

Equipped with the exclusive LCC electronic control system, Lelit Kate will surprise you with its performance and sophisticated charm.     

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What are you waiting for to get one of these and enjoy 2023 with the top of the market?

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