Coffee provides sensations and moments as unique as they are rewarding. Viaggio Espresso introduces a new concept to the market of compatible capsules: it is possible to drink 100% natural coffee of the best quality in the comfort of your home.

There are many factors that influence the realization of this premise behind which great benefits are hidden for our quality of life, for the community and the environment.


Each Viaggio Espresso capsule contains 100% naturally roasted ground coffee, from the best plantations in the world. It is important that the cultivation and harvest of the beans are carried out under the most refined methods, so that the coffee maintains its inert personality from the seed to the cup. Once the green coffee is obtained, a series of tastings and controls of the different phases of coffee rest are carried out, before the roasting stage. In this way, the profiles of the harvest and the characteristics and attributes of the selected grains are evaluated.

The brand is based on principles of sustainability and traceability . These principles contribute to caring for the environment, conserving biodiversity by improving land use practices, while having strict control over the entire process. This earned Viaggio Espresso certification from two of the world's most recognized bodies: the Rainforest Alliance and OU Kosher .

The first guarantees that the brand's products are socially, economically and environmentally sustainable. rainforest Alliance strengthens the position of coffee farmers, training them in methods that increase their production and protect the health of the soil for future generations. All this with the aim of guaranteeing the long-term well-being of agricultural communities, forests and wildlife.

For its part, the Orthodox Union Kosher guarantees the quality and purity of the coffee. To do this, the raw material periodically undergoes an external inspection where its health is verified and the parameters to be taken into account are evaluated so that it is preserved in perfect condition.


Taking care of our health begins with being aware of what we are eating, which includes, of course, what we drink. Coffee can bring many benefits to our health, as long as we only drink coffee. With these premises, Viaggio Espresso's team of expert sommeliers created different blends using only ground coffee, without preservatives, added sugars or flavorings . Thus, each of the brand's varieties are achieved through different levels of roasting, evaluating the time and temperature to which the beans are exposed to obtain the desired flavor.

DECAFFEINATO Viaggio Espresso, unlike other decaffeinated ones on the market, is made by dissolving and then removing the caffeine from the bean using a natural water-based process prior to roasting. This process does not alter the natural flavor of the coffee, one of the most important characteristics of this blend .


Obtaining top quality seeds and carrying out an excellent process would be in vain without an encapsulation system that allows taking care of all the natural properties of the coffee.

Viaggio Espresso developed an exclusive and patented packaging system that manages to preserve the coffee and guarantee 99.9% hermeticity.

In the packaging room, there is an environment designed based on strictly controlled environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, air quality and lighting, to maintain the quality and safety of the coffee.

The packaging machines, including the grinders, are regularly subjected to technical and cleaning controls. Likewise, the finished product goes through a rigorous inspection process through qualitative and quantitative sampling to guarantee the established specifications.

cutting edge capsules

After a long research process, Viaggio Espresso managed to develop capsules with state-of-the-art materials and an unrivaled extraction technique . This not only allows the encapsulated coffee not to alter its aroma and flavor , but also protects the useful life of the coffee machine.

The capsules have temperature migration certification : this means that when the material comes into contact with hot water, it does not lose its properties or leave particles that could alter the taste.


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