Profitec Pro 500

PROFITEC: art mixed with German technology in an espresso machine

If there is something that we at VIAGGIO ESPRESSO share with PROFITEC , it is the passion to achieve the perfect espresso, which is why we are excited to announce our PROFITEC week , but…


PROFITEC, is a brand that since 1985 has been dedicated to the manufacture of espresso coffee machines , combining technology, materials and elements of the highest quality, design and innovation in easy-to-use machines, so that everyone can be the best barista. in his own house.

Coffee is a kind of magic that you can drink ”, is how they describe their love for coffee. That is why each piece of PROFITEC coffee makers and grinders are made by hand in their production facilities located in Bammental (near Heidelberg, Germany) and in Milan (Italy).

This passion for detail motivates them to create perfect espresso machines .


From the mixture between art and the purest German engineering, this company was born, which decided to take its love for coffee one step further by designing its incredible user-friendly espresso machines, specially designed for anyone who enjoys such an exquisite elixir as it is. coffee can do it from home.

Profitec machines

Photo: Profitec Pro 700/ Profitec Pro 300/ Profitec Pro 500

Several of its machines have a Dual Boiler system , one boiler is responsible for preparing the coffee and the other for the extraction of steam and hot water, both boilers are independent of each other, for example: you can regulate the temperature of one without the need to change the other one. These types of machines are more stable in terms of temperature than one with a heat exchanger. Two of these Dual Boiler machines are the Pro 700 and the Pro 300 .

There are other machines whose system is called the Heat Exchanger System , these machines have a double water circulation system which allows the extraction of coffee and steam from the same boiler at the same time. One of the models with the Heat Exchanger System that you can find in our boutique is the Pro 500

If you are thinking of buying an Espresso Machine for your home with excellent design and quality, don't wait any longer and get the PROFITEC of your dreams!

Find in our boutique everything you need to be your own barista at home.

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