CHEMEX: del laboratorio a tu taza preferida

CHEMEX: from the laboratory to your favorite cup


“Pure design. Pure flavor…” That is the motto of CHEMEX , a family company that was born in Massachusetts in 1941 and that is still relevant today. The coffee pot was invented by Dr. Peter Schlumbohm PhD to make the perfect cup of coffee . Since then, the CHEMEX has crossed generations and the world as an icon of American design and in 1958 designers from the Illinois Institute of Technology decided that this coffee maker was one of the best designs of modern times , including it in one of the displays from the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMA).

It has been said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But imitation cannot replace the original CHEMEX coffee brewing system.


Few products can match CHEMEX 's perfect combination of design and functionality . Its visual elegance has earned it a place in the permanent collections of many of the world's most prestigious museums. Its functionality has been awarded by the scientific and coffee communities.

Despite having evolved over time and having industrialized its processes, CHEMEX ensures that its manufacturing is respectful and sustainable, thus making it a conscious and quality product.

Variety of Chemex products


We are increasingly responsible with what we consume, so it is important to choose a good quality coffee . Thanks to the design of the CHEMEX filter system it is possible to accentuate the best of the notes of a good product. As it would be, for example, with our specialty coffee from Costa Rica , where through this extraction method that perfect point is achieved where the notes of vanilla, chocolate and honey are felt.
CHEMEX is the most recommended method for specialty coffees since it gives prominence to the much-mentioned notes that coffee lovers love to feel.
Because we want you to elevate your CHEMEX experience, we decided to share our recipe with you:


  • Preparation ratio: 6-7 g coffee per 100ml of water (1:16)
  • Preparation time: approximately 4 minutes
  • Infusion water temperature: 92-96 °C


  1. Heat the water to the established temperature considering the coffee and the attributes that you want to highlight. For a medium roast coffee we use water at 92ºC .
  1. Place the filter in the upper compartment of the Chemex taking care that the spout of the decanter coincides with the center of the 3-layer side of the filter. This allows the evacuation of air during the extraction process.
  1. Rinse the filter with hot water , by pouring in circles. This, in addition to preventing the paper from conditioning the extraction, allows the filter to adhere to the internal surface of the Chemex , favoring preheating. When the filter is saturated with water, empty the water from the decanter.
  1. Position the Chemex on the scale and tare. Grind the predetermined amount of coffee and place it in the filter. Tare the scale again.
  1. Pre-infuse the coffee , pouring water over the grounds until twice the amount of water is dispensed as coffee (eg 52g of water for 26g of coffee). The goal is to saturate the coffee with water, pouring gently and executing small clockwise rotations.
  1. After 30-40s. add water (about 70-100g in each pour) making as many pours as necessary, until the desired ratio is reached, making sure that the coffee is constantly moist until the end of the extraction.
  1. When all the water has percolated, the extraction is complete. If the granulometry is correct, and the water has been poured at the correct rate, the extraction process should be completed in about 4 minutes. Discard the filter below.
  1. The coffee is ready to be served.

Have you seen how easy? Do not stay without trying this emblematic method . Meet all their models on our website .


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