Bialetti y su marca en la historia

Bialetti and its brand in history


How was the brand born?

In 1931, when Alfonso Bialetti created his prototype kitchen coffee maker, espresso was only possible in Italian coffee shops: it was prepared in large espresso machines. These passed hot water steam up and down through a filter filled with coffee.

But Bialetti, it is said, was fascinated with a device called a "lessiveuse": a kind of washing machine that the women of his hometown in Piedmont used to wash clothes. The system was simple: the water was heated. When it began to boil, it went up a tube and then spilled, mixed with soap, on the clothes.

In 1933, Alfonso designed and manufactured the first espresso maker with an aluminum stove. This coffee machine, The Moka Express, would be found in 90% of all Italian homes (as well as in the Guinness Book of Records), thus changing the essence of Italian coffee culture.

Mocha Express Coffee Maker

Photo: Moka Express Coffee Maker

With his invention, Alfonso managed to revolutionize the way of preparing espresso coffee and bring it closer to society. From then on, anyone could make an espresso in their home kitchen without much effort or expense.

It is true that for an authentic espresso 9 bars of pressure are needed, compared to the 1.5 bars reached by the Bialetti coffee maker . That is why he baptized the result with the name of "moka" and, therefore, his coffee maker as "Bialetti Moka Express".

The importance of Mocha

Bialetti's Moka Express remains a respected Italian icon. In a recent survey of Italian design, the Moka Express was ranked as the fifth best design to come out of Italy in the 20th century. Its place of honor is next to a 1957 Fiat 500, a 1946 Vespa and Nutella, which won first place.

Eventually, over the years, Bialetti evolved along with new technologies, thus bringing the creation of new models of coffee makers such as the Bialetti Moka Induction New Venus .

Learn how to prepare the perfect cup of coffee in the following video

Without a doubt, Bialetti has left a mark on society, remember that you can find the brand's products in our store , both physical and online.

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