Prepara el mejor café de filtro con HARIO V60

Prepare the best filter coffee with HARIO V60

The magic of filter coffee and the V60 method

The popularity of filter coffee in this part of the world is growing more and more, but this is a practice that has been carried out in Asia for hundreds of years and Hario is one of the brands that has modernized the tradition since 1921.

Hario, a company founded in Tokyo in 1921, began with the production and sale of special glass products for chemistry and physics. After almost 30 years of research, they created Hario Glass, which contains 100% natural minerals to form a heat resistant glass that is friendly to the environment. And then in 1949 Hario launched his first homemade product: a glass filter siphon for making coffee. By 1957, it had been converted to a cloth filter siphon.

Hario has received hundreds of design awards. Although the V60 was released ten years ago, this has been his most famous invention. The name comes from vector 60, the 60 degree angle of its cone. This method was initially made in ceramic and glass, then in plastic and finally in metal.

Drippers, Jugs and Kettles Photo: Dripper, Hario jugs and kettles

How to make a coffee in V60

To prepare a good coffee, correct grinding is essential to achieve adequate extraction. The grinding point varies depending on the coffee maker chosen. If the coffee is ground too coarsely, the water will quickly pass through the coffee bed, resulting in an under-extracted, bodied beverage with little sweetness and sourness. If, on the other hand, the grind is too fine, over-extraction can occur, resulting in a bitter and astringent drink.

The quality of the water is another important aspect to take into consideration: the use of bottled water free of excessive chlorine is recommended. You also have to renew the deposit in the case of espresso machines, when it has been in it for more than 3 days.


-20 g of ground coffee (We recommend our specialty coffee collection )

-320 ml of filtered water at 93ºC

-Infusion time: 3-4 min.

-Ratio: 1:16

-Grind: Medium


1: Place the filter in the V60 dripper. Moisten the filter with hot water and discard any water that has fallen into the container.

2: Pour 20g of medium ground coffee into the filter and tap it gently to level the surface.

3: Add twice as much water (40 ml) and let it infuse for 30 seconds.

4: Add enough water so that the coffee is completely wet and leave it for about 30 seconds to pre-infuse. Pour the remaining water in 3 times so that the coffee is always soaked in water, making circles.

5: Let the coffee filter into the container and serve.

6: Enjoy your coffee!

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