Cultivo de Café: El futuro del desarrollo sostenible es femenino.



There's a reason why gender equality ranks high on the UN's list of Sustainable Development Goals: Experts know that leveling the playing field for women in underdeveloped countries is an essential component of sustainable economic progress.

When it comes to farming and forestry communities, gender equality is especially critical for both food security and the global climate solution. Simply put, if we want a healthy and livable planet, rural women must have equitable access to resources, training and opportunities that today are reserved only for men.

As the human population climbs to a projected 9.8 billion by 2050, so too is the pressure on our planet's finite natural resources. The Rainforest Alliance has documented time and again how when women gain more economic strength, their families and communities benefit . This is why the organization carries out programs to empower rural women, driven by local and global needs.

That is why it is important for us to have the Rainforest Alliance certification , because to obtain said certification, the organization checks that the farms from which our coffee comes from meet rigorous social criteria and environmental requirements , including the prohibition of all forms of discrimination against women in pay, hiring, training, job assignment, benefits and promotion policies.


Women have played an important role in the coffee industry for many years, but historically their contributions have often been overlooked or underappreciated . In many coffee-producing countries, women have traditionally been responsible for tasks such as cherry picking and sorting, which are often considered low-skilled or menial jobs. However, in recent years the important role women play in the coffee industry has been increasingly recognized, and efforts to train and support women in the sector have gained momentum.

A key area of ​​focus has been improving access to resources and opportunities for women coffee farmers. For example, organizations such as the International Women in Coffee Alliance (IWCA) work to provide training, education and networking opportunities for women in the sector, helping them develop their skills and improve their livelihoods.

In addition to cultivation, women are involved in other areas of the coffee industry, such as roasting, cupping and trading, and while they continue to face significant barriers, their important contributions are increasingly being recognized and there is a commitment to create for them more inclusive and equitable opportunities in the coffee sector.

Café Viaggio Espresso comes to you thanks to the work of many women. For this reason, today we want to thank you for the contribution you make so that every day we can enjoy a delicious cup in our homes. Let's take advantage of this month to celebrate all those who fight and work from their place to make the world a better place.

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