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ECM: The Best-Selling Home Espresso Makers

The luxury made espresso machines for home

ECM espresso coffee machines not only stand out for their performance, excellence and quality, but also for their industrial and modern design that make them the ideal brand for those who like this aesthetic. One of the best choices for coffee lovers .

The story behind ECM began 25 years ago with the vision of founder Wolfgang Hauck and together with then partner ECM SpA of Italy to create luxury home heat exchanger espresso machines .

The product range began with the first version of the ECM Technika model, which is still popular to this day, along with other models that we will show you below.

Best selling coffee makers ECM

Photos from left to right: ECM Mechanika VI Slim / ECM Classika PID (top - middle) / ECM Puristika Cream (top - right) / ECM Technika V Profi (bottom - middle) / ECM Synchronika PID Double Boiler (bottom - right)

ECM Synchronika PID Dual-Boiler

The espresso machine Synchronika PID Dual-Boiler stands out for its design, operation and for being a silent machine. The anthracite-coloured coated chassis is visually distinct on the underside of the machine in combination with the polished stainless steel casing. Also in this machine you have the option of adding a flow regulator.

ECM Mechanika IV Profi

the espresso machine, ECM Mechanika IV Profi combines a design Spectacular and modern with professional technical characteristics, without forgetting the nostalgic touch of its rotating valves that attract the eye.

ECM Classika PID

The ECM Classika PID special edition is in our top of best-selling coffee makers and includes premium features such as temperature control, timer and pressure gauge. It is the perfect espresso machine for those starting out in the world of coffee.

NDE Puristika

The NDE Puristika It was specially designed for espresso purists, a single-boiler coffee maker designed for those looking for excellent espresso. In addition to being compact, this machine only has the lever that activates the group to extract the coffee correctly, if what you want is only to obtain great espressos, this is the coffee maker for you.

ECM Technika V Profi PID

Coffeemaker ECM Technika V Profi PID It impresses with its reduced lines and unique elegance with a high-gloss chrome effect. A silent machine for its rotary boiler that will guarantee you a good espresso every day.

After more than 25 years in the market, ECM espresso continues to position itself as one of the best options when choosing a high-quality coffee maker for the home. In this brand, Italian design and German engineering merge into one.

ECM Mechanika VI Slim

The ECM Mechanika VI Slim espresso machine in its new version has a compact and modern design that brings together all that characterizes ECM both in aesthetics and in operation. The coffee maker is made of polished stainless steel. It has high quality professional finishes, ECM manufacturing seal.

ECM Mechanika Max

the new espresso machine  ECM Mechanika Max combines a modern design with new professional technical features such as a dual-circuit system with a rotary pump, temperature control, a timer function that allows you to set automatic on and off times as well as an adjustable pre-infusion . 

Do you need more reasons to get an ECM? Enter our selection of ECM espresso machines and don't miss out on the coffee maker of your dreams.

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