Cómo hacer un "Eiskaffee": El auténtico Café Helado Alemán

How to make an "Eiskaffee": The authentic German Iced Coffee

The "Eiskaffee", translated as "iced coffee" in German, is a true experience for lovers of coffee and ice cream. In coffee shops and ice cream parlors throughout Germany, this delight is made by mixing vanilla ice cream with coffee, creating an unbeatable combination that will delight your palate.

Now, we will reveal the simple steps so that you can prepare your own Eiskaffee and take it to the next level of pleasure.

Eiskaffee recipe

Ingredients to make a German iced coffee:

- 2 cups of Viaggio Espresso Coffee prepared with your favorite method (Cold brew or cold espresso).
- 2-3 scoops of vanilla ice cream
- Whipped cream (homemade or purchased)
- Chocolate syrup or caramel sauce (optional)
- Chocolate chips (optional)

Photo: Pouring coffee over ice cream. Credit: Unsplash

Step by step to make an Eiskaffee :

1. Add the ice cream:

Begin by scooping 2-3 scoops of vanilla ice cream into the serving glass.

2. Pour in the cold coffee or espresso:

Then, carefully pour the cold coffee or espresso over the vanilla ice cream in the glass.

3. Cover with whipped cream:

This is where you can make a difference. If you prefer a more personalized touch, we recommend preparing your own whipped cream. To do this, whip the cream to the desired consistency and add it to the Eiskaffee according to your taste. If you prefer a faster option, you can use store-bought whipped cream. Skip the preparation step and simply add the whipped cream over the drink!

4. Garnish as desired (optional):

For those looking for an extra touch, you can add chocolate syrup or caramel sauce, chocolate shavings or both, and give your Eiskaffee an even more appetizing look!

5. Serve and enjoy:

The most awaited moment has arrived. Serve your Eiskaffee very cold and get ready to enjoy this delicious German dessert . Each sip will take you on a journey of flavors that you will want to repeat over and over again.

Now that you know how to make this authentic German delight, feel free to share this recipe with friends and family. The Eiskaffee is the perfect combination of coffee and ice cream that will capture the hearts of all lovers of good coffee!

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