En Colombia se cosecha el mejor café suave del mundo

The best mild coffee in the world is harvested in Colombia

Colombian coffee is one of the most famous in the world and for a reason.

In Colombia, coffee is a way of life, it is part of the culture; With varieties that change by region, Colombian coffee has gained worldwide recognition for being the best mild coffee in the world. Do you want to know more about this origin? Don't stop reading.

There are three factors that make Colombia an exceptional producer: its geography, the cultivation process and its aromatic qualities. Colombian coffees They are characterized by having a lot of body and each region offers a different cup profile: there are some with notes of sweet, nutty and chocolate, even floral and fruity, almost tropical.

These attributes of aroma and flavor They occur thanks to the mountainous territory of Colombia, which has a great diversity of microclimates. Everything grown there is of the Arabica species, including the varieties Typica and Bourbon , it is washed in the traditional way and there are only one or two harvests a year. In fact, the South American country is the world's leading producer of washed arabica.

Arabica coffee of Colombian origin Photo: Coffee harvesting process

«Colombia is the country with the best mild coffee in the world thanks to the production process and its natural conditions as well as the ideal altitude, latitude and temperature for its cultivation . Also for the work of the coffee grower and the rigorous collection of ripe beans » According to Parmenio Angarita, director of the Educafés coffee training center in Bogota.

Colombian coffee, which is 100% Arabica, is produced "in fields at an altitude that sometimes reaches close to 2,000 meters in the different slopes of the three branches of the Andes Mountains and in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta , these cover the entire country from the Caribbean coast, in the North, to the Colombian border with Ecuador, in the South”, as explained by the website Cafedecolombia.com

Arabica Producers

There are two different types of coffee beans : arabica and robusta. Colombia is one of the only countries that produces 100% of the Arabica variety. The nuances in the cup change according to the 22 coffee-growing regions of the country.

In the north, coffee is usually medium acidity and full-bodied, with notes of chocolate and hazelnut . In the center it presents acidity and medium body, with aromas reminiscent of fruit, while in the south, grains with high acidity and medium body are generated, with flavors of sweet and citrus fruits .

The fame and recognition that Colombian coffee has earned over time is fully supported by its production and quality standards. Do you need any other reason to try our Colombian coffee?



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