Bellezza y su paso por el mundo del espresso

Bellezza and her passage through the world of espresso

It all started in Germany

The history of Bellezza Espressomaschinen GmbH began in 1975, when Heinz Berberich founded Berberich Kaffeemaschinen in Ketsch, Germany. Heinz laid the foundation for a family tradition: premium espresso and all things coffee beans .

At first, Brasília , Elektra , Wega , Rancilio and many other manufacturers were close partners, some even friends with Berberich Kaffeemaschinen . Among others, Heinz Berberich co-developed the well-known Bremer Viva and improved the classic espresso machine models as a partner of big players within the industry.

Experience in developing high-end espresso machines played an important part in the development of the first Bellezza espresso machines . The first machine he designed would later become his legacy: the Habalmos de Inizio Espresso Machine .

tradition and innovation

Since 2017, Udo Bohneberg and Alexander Lösch have continued the tradition of Berberich Kaffeemaschinen under the Bellezza label and have led the company into the future. Always driven by German excellence and the innovative power of the brand's espresso machines.

Evolution instead of stagnation is Bellezza's slogan. As Heinz Berberich said:

"Those who do not move with the times will be eliminated with time"

Bellezza Espresso Machine Chiara Leva PID

Photo: Bellezza Espresso Machine Chiara Leva PID

A company with a conscience

To ensure that its customers can enjoy an espresso with a conscience, the brand strives to innovate in the field of sustainability . Development and production are only one piece of the puzzle, another important part is the transport of the machines, this happens by train without CO2 emissions. They also aim to replace all plastic packaging with an eco-friendly jute option .

Among its most popular machines are the Chiara Leva PID , the Valentina Espresso Machine , and the Francesca Leva PID DUAL BOILER . Three of the best machines on the market that undoubtedly reflect the values ​​and excellence that characterizes the brand .

Beauty Espresso Machine VALENTINA

Photo: Bellezza Espresso Machine Valentina.

It is worth letting yourself be enveloped by the charm of Bellezza .

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