Aeropress: El recorrido de la marca

Aeropress: The brand journey

From being created in a garage to having his own world championship 

Created by Alan Adler , an American engineer who considered that he could not drink good coffee both at home and at work , his goal was to prepare the best cup of coffee .

Alan developed this method always thinking about the direct way to do it, thinking about having a coffee with sweet notes in the shortest possible time. The Original AeroPress launched to great acclaim in 2005 and is now sold in over 80 countries. It has even inspired the World AeroPress Championship, which started in Norway, this was a global phenomenon driven by fans in which fans of this method flock from more than 60 countries to make the best cup of coffee with their favorite recipe of AeroPress.

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Through consumption and tournaments, the inverted method became more popular, in which excellent recipes can be achieved with different grinds and ways of making it. Also with the passage of time this new device evolved and the Aeropress Go was created, which has been designed to provide a highly portable and easy-to-maintain coffee press specially designed for travelers and adventure lovers.

Parts of the AeroPress

Parts of the Aeropress

Photo: Parts of the Aeropress.

The AeroPress is a simple device basically made up of the following parts :

  1. Preparation chamber: In this space, the water is mixed with the coffee and the immersion is carried out.
  2. Plunger or piston: It is the one that exerts the air pressure that allows the coffee to fall directly into the cup.
  3. Filter cover: contains the filter and ground coffee to be used.
  4. Rubber ring: it fits into the plunger and is exactly what creates the airtight seal of the AeroPress.
  5. Filter: commonly made of paper, and prevents coffee grounds from going into the cup.

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